Dissemination & Exploitation


Your Next Project

Whether acting as a direct partner in your upcoming submission or as a third-party contributor, we bring extensive experience in dissemination, exploitation, and communication for your project. Adhering to EC’s DEC guidelines, our creative team crafts distinctive project identities, produces leaflets and tailored print materials, and develops engaging project websites and digital designs for effective social media outreach. Our approach aligns all marketing activities with the overarching project strategy to maximize impact.


Discover ultra-stable, highly efficient, and affordable perovskite photovoltaics with minimal environmental impact (HORIZON, NÂș 101084124). DIAMOND aims for a profound impact on the EU’s environmental, economic, and societal development. It charts the course for a low-carbon, EU-produced sustainable energy technology fully integrated into the circular economy. Leading the Dissemination & Exploitation Work Package is Pixel Voltaic. Dive deeper at https://diamond-horizon.eu/!

112CO2 H2020

The 112CO2 project presents a socially acceptable, sustainable, and easily implementable technology for swift decarbonization of the energy sector at competitive prices. This is achieved through a low-temperature catalytic methane splitting reactor, transforming methane into clean hydrogen and solid carbon (Horizon 2020, No 952219). Pixel Voltaic plays a key role in the Dissemination & Exploitation WP and leads the System Integration and Demonstration WP. Learn more at https://www.112co2.eu/!

Our Strategy

Project Identity & Content Creation

Crafting a compelling project identity is essential for successful dissemination. Our content creation services encompass:

Brand Development: Establish a strong and cohesive project brand that resonates with your audience.

Visual Content: Create visually appealing materials, including infographics, videos, and animations, to enhance understanding.

Storytelling: Narrate your project’s journey through engaging and relatable storytelling.

Dissemination & Project Marketing

At the core of our strategy is the effective dissemination of project knowledge and achievements. We leverage a multifaceted approach to ensure your project reaches the right audience:

Website Development: Establish a digital hub for your project, featuring updates, resources, and a user-friendly interface to enhance accessibility and engagement.

Conferences and Events: Showcase your project at industry conferences and events, fostering collaboration and networking.

Webinars and Workshops: Facilitate in-depth discussions through webinars and workshops, sharing insights and gathering valuable feedback.

Press Media and Newsletters: Create a buzz around your project through targeted press releases, media coverage, and informative newsletters that keep stakeholders informed and engaged.

Intellectual Property Management Plan

Protecting your intellectual property (IP) is paramount. Our comprehensive IP management plan ensures:

Identification and Registration: Identify and register key intellectual assets, safeguarding your project’s innovations.

Enforcement Strategies: Implement strategies to enforce IP rights, deterring infringement and maximizing the value of your creations.

Collaborative IP Agreements: Navigate collaborations seamlessly with clear agreements to protect IP interests.

Social Media & Digital Marketing

In the digital age, effective online presence is key. Our social media and digital marketing strategies include:

Strategic Social Media Campaigns: Utilize platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram to amplify your project’s visibility.

Targeted Content Marketing: Deliver content directly to your audience, showcasing the value of your project.

Analytics and Optimization: Continuously analyze performance metrics to refine strategies and maximize impact.

Technology Exploitation Roadmap

Turning innovation into tangible outcomes requires a well-defined roadmap. Our technology exploitation roadmap focuses on:

Market Analysis: Thoroughly assess market opportunities and potential for technology application.

Commercialization Strategies: Develop robust strategies for commercialization, ensuring your technology reaches its full potential.

Risk Mitigation: Identify and mitigate potential risks, optimizing the path from concept to market.

At the intersection of dissemination and exploitation, we propel your project towards lasting success. Contact us today to explore how our tailored strategies can elevate your project’s reach, impact, and commercial potential.